Deposits & Withdrawals

PU Prime offers clients with safe, efficient and flexible deposit and withdrawal methods.

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Deposit Methods
    Accepted Currencies
    Min Amount
    Max Amount
    Processing Time
    ALL Free 50 USD No maximum 2-5 business days Deposit
    ALL Free 50 USD 5,000 USD Instant Deposit
    ALL Free 50 USD 5,000 USD Instant Deposit
    ALL Free 50 USD No maximum Instant Deposit
    ALL Free 50 USD No maximum Instant Deposit
    ALL Free 50 USD No maximum Instant Deposit
    CNY Free 50 USD 50,000 CNY Within 30 Minutes Deposit
    USD/IND Free 50 USD 25,000 USD/transaction
    75,000 USD/day
    Instant Deposit
    CAD Free 50 USD 9,999 CAD Within 1 Hour Deposit
    KRW Free 50 USD 30,000,000 KRW Within 1 Hour Deposit
    VND Free 50 USD 300,000,000 VND Instant Deposit
    IND Free 50 USD 100,000,000 IDR Instant Deposit
    MYR Free 50 USD 50,000 MYR Instant Deposit
    PHP Free 50 USD 100,000 PHP Instant Deposit
  • Withdrawal Methods
    Accepted Currencies
    Min Amount
    Processing Time
    ALL Free 100 USD 2-5 Business days
    ALL Free 100 Unit Within 24 Hours
    ALL Free 100 Unit Within 24 Hours
    ALL 2% 100 Unit Within 24 Hours
    ALL 1% 100 Unit Within 24 Hours
    ALL Free 100 USD Instant
    CNY Free 100 USD 1-3 Business days
    USD/IND 0.5% 100 USD Instant
    CAD Free 100 CAD 2-5 Business days
    KRW Free 100 KRW Within 24 Hours
    VND Free 100 VND 1-2 Business days
    IND Free 100 IND 1-2 Business days
    MYR Free 100 MYR Within 24 Hours
    PHP Free 100 PHP 1-2 Business days

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 40 USD
    *Neteller charges 2% transaction fee for every withdrawal (capped at $30).

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  • forex trading market being the largest globally


    Trade the largest and most liquid market in the world with the preferred platform for forex trading.

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  • diversify trading exposure with global indices


    Diversify your exposure with global indices like the S&P 500 and the Nikkei 225.

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  • a bitcoin token with a trading chart as a background


    CFD trading in both hard and soft commodities including crude oil, copper, sugar, and silver.

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  • trade a gold bar on CFDs


    Trade bullion without having to take delivery of the underlying asset. Spot gold trading at leverage.

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  • An ox and a bear facing off each other


    Find opportunities with leveraged trading in shares of the world’s biggest companies like Tesla and Amazon.

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